A New Way to Alleviate Strap Pressure on Your Shoulders.

See how the Shoulder Shell offers all-day protection.
  • Minyona M. - Champagne, IL

    ‘’Shoulder Shell is the best thing that has happened to my shoulders. Having a heavy chest is cute in movies and music videos, however the dark side is the back pain and bra scars. Shoulder shell has me feeling lifted! Why haven't we had this sooner?! Shoulder Shell is a dream come true."

  • Heather M. - Tacoma, WA

    Shoulder Shell softened out the ridges created from my bra straps after only 4 days of use. These ridges were from YEARS of daily bra usage. They eliminated all pain from my shoulders due to wearing a bra for the majority of the day.

  • Heather S. - Seattle, WA

    ‘’When I first heard about the Shoulder Shell, I was very skeptical of how it would work or if it would work at all. When I initially put it on and was wearing it, I could not sense a huge difference. It was not until I took the shell off and my bra strap was all that remained, that I realized how amazing this little thing was. I never realized how much weight was on my shoulders everyday just from my bra. It is amazing how this little thing was able to absorb weight!’’

Experience newfound and long-awaited comfort from the first time you wear the Shoulder Shell. The best part? You'll hardly even know they're there.

Comfort from the moment you put them on.