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What size should I wear?

Because everyone's shoulders are different, sizing isn't an exact science. But generally we have found the following to be true:

If you wear an XS, S, or M sized shirt, the SMALL shoulder shell should work for you.

L-XL shirt, try a MEDIUM shell.

XL-XXL shirt, LARGE shell.

Anything up from there, the XL shell should be a good fit!

This is far from exact but it’s a trend we’ve seen. Since the shells can be bent and customized to your shoulder, most people can wear more than one size comfortably. We recommend starting with the smaller size if you're debating between two sizes!

Want more specific sizing advice?

If you let your arm hang (lets say your right arm), then raise it to your side, you will see a crease (part that elevated, part that doesn’t move in your shoulder). You do not want the shell to touch that crease. Then elevate your shoulder (like you are shrugging)and tip your head towards that shoulder. There is a spot on your shoulder that doesn’t touch your neck or cheek. Those are your 2 points for measuring width. We suggest allowing for more space so make your selection 4 cm smaller than that distance.

Ordered the wrong size? Simply send them back within 5-days of receiving them and we will replace with the correct size or refund your purchase. No questions asked!

Why does my bra strap hurt?

The weight of the breast soft tissue pulls the upper body forward and down creating a forward curvature to the mid and upper back. This, along with the actual pressure of the strap, can result in muscular imbalances limiting proper movement of the scapula, joint stability, and movement as well as causing nerve impingements and soft tissue damage. Any one of these, or combination of, can cause pain or discomfort and limit you in your daily life. The Shoulder Shell broadens the distribution of weight onto the shoulder thus limiting muscular imbalances and pressure to soft tissue and nerves. This leads to a decrease in postural fatigue and upper extremity pain, while promoting normal kinematic movement and overall comfort. In other words, wearing the shoulder shells should help to eliminate straps digging into your skin and alleviate overall pressure.

Reminder: Please keep in mind that (at this time) this product has not been researched or proven to specifically treat any medical condition, only to improve daily comfort to the wearer. We are actively pursuing evidence based research to prove its effectiveness. Always consult your medical provider if you are having significant pain or discomfort. See full disclaimer for more information.

Is the Shoulder Shell Comfortable?

The Shoulder Shell is designed to be very comfortable. After a few minutes you should forget you are even wearing it. If you notice any discomfort, redness, or skin irritation that persists after wearing, please discontinue use.

You may bend the plastic shell to try and fit it to the contour of your shoulder if the fit isn’t perfect right out of the package.

When should I use the Shoulder Shell?

The Shoulder Shell is intended to be used during walking, sitting, or basic daily activities. The Shoulder Shell has also been found to be a great purse strap holder! At this time the Shoulder Shell is NOT designed for doing overhead tasks, as the shell can dig into your skin in this position and be uncomfortable. Nor is it intended for use during rigorous activities, such as exercise or athletic endeavors.

What materials are the Shoulder Shell made from?

The hard plastic shell itself is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the same material used in milk jugs or shampoo bottles (and as far as plastics go, it is highly recyclable).

The Silicone sleeve is just that, silicone (the same thing used to make nipples on baby bottles), meaning it is washable with very little chance of any allergic reaction. The silicone sleeve is included to help the shell stay in place and decrease the chance of it slipping off the shoulder. If you have a known allergy or irritation to silicone the shell may be worn without the sleeve.

How do I clean the Shoulder Shell?

Both the shell and the silicone sleeve may be hand washed with warm water and soap. You’re good to go!


The Shoulder Shell was designed to provide comfort. However, it is not a medical device and is not meant to substitute a medical diagnosis, advice, counsel, or treatment. Shoulder Shell does not have FDA approval. The owners of Shoulder Shell are not providing medical advice, or medical services. Additionally, your use of the Shoulder Shell does not establish a physician-patient relationship. Please consult your physician prior to the use of Shoulder Shell or if you have persistent back pain, headaches, pain or any other medical conditions and/or if you have had surgical or other procedures performed on your head, neck, spine or shoulders.

By using Shoulder Shell, you agree that under no circumstances will Shoulder Shell, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of or inability to use the products purchased from Shoulder Shell, LLC. This limitation shall apply whether in an action of contract, negligence, or other tortious action, even if an authorized representative of Shoulder Shell, LLC knows or should have known of the possibility of damages. In states where the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages is limited, this limitation shall control to the fullest extent permitted by law.

If you are at all displeased with your purchase of Shoulder Shell, it can be returned within thirty days for a full refund.


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